The Lang Office of Civic Engagement and Social Justice fosters a culture of social justice that is recognized and reinforced on the individual and collective level among faculty, students and staff and reflected on our campus and communities. We design, facilitate and support justice-centered learning communities and produce curricula, projects, events and dialogues.


Our vision is for Lang to be a critical space where transformative learning occurs. To that end, we actively create brave spaces for students, faculty and staff to show up fully and progress together toward a more just society. Our classrooms and our campus community are free from violence; a place where we recognize that we each are at different places in our journeys to discovering everyone's full humanity, but not placing undue burden on those forced to carry that burden in society.

We envision a campus climate that is a microcosm of how we would like our society to function. Our curriculum reflects a justice-centered pedagogy that recognizes intersectionality and the role history and institutions have played to shape our thoughts and beliefs. We engage in social justice through a global lens, intentionally connecting diaspora to help us best understand how systems of oppression are created, sustained and reproduced.

As a progressive institution, we encourage resilience to thrive within current systems of oppression, while imagining a more liberated society. We strive to equip our community with the resources to be leaders in movement-building toward that liberation.


Justice • compassion • critical self-reflection • connection to diaspora • academic grounding • activism • equity, diversity and inclusion.

  • Natalie Gross Director of Civic Engagement and Social Justice ngross@newschool.edu
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