Hello, My Name Is Gentrified Exhibition (2014)

Program: Gural Scholars
Class of: 2017

Several Gural Scholars sought to investigate the topic of gentrification for their end-of-year group project after participating in faculty member Carolyn Thompson's course “Reading NYC,” which focused on this issue and witnessing gentrification directly in New York City. Through a selection of curated readings, site visits to communities and interviews with New York City residents, the scholars engaged with the complex and interlocking socio-political history of gentrification in the city. Hello My Name Is Gentrified is a collaborative effort of the 10 scholars who conceptually created and visually curated an exhibition that tells the story of a few individuals' lived experiences with gentrification through photos and recorded interviews. This particular exhibition creates a space to dialogue and engages with individual and collective experiences around gentrification in New York City through imagery and sound. As one scholar put it, "We want the audience to not only see, but hear and sense what gentrification feels like in New York City."