Student Mini-Grants

The Office of Civic Engagement & Social Justice at Eugene Lang College (Lang CESJ) offers small grants to individual and groups of students to support student programming, research costs, activism, creative projects, or other work that focuses on social justice or civic engagement.

Past awards have funded needs like: production costs for an exhibition on Salvadoran migration and displacement; supplies for a theater project with young women in I Have A Dream Foundation's programs; travel to a reproductive justice conference; food for a student-organized conference on urban community and environmental health.

Applications are accepted via online form only at:


Individual students enrolled at Lang, and groups that include at least one Lang student, are eligible to apply.

  • Individual students can apply for up to $750 per semester.
  • Groups are eligible to apply for up to $1,500 per semester.
  • Priority is given to students who have not previously received funding from CESJ.
  • May Mini-Grant will give priority to summer projects
Awards are intended to cover the following costs:
  • Material fees and tangible costs (this ranges from project supplies to website domains to registration fees)
  • Guest speaker honoraria and fees
  • Catering

Awards CANNOT be used for:

  • Compensation for time worked on project (for self or others)
  • Study abroad program fees/tuition
  • Personal equipment that can be obtained in school

If a CESJ mini-grant includes requests for prohibited items, said specific item will not be considered for funding.

Additionally, students also must make clear if they have or plan to solicit additional funding. Lack of disclosure


Grant recipients must document and reflect upon their project, working closely with Lang CESJ staff to do so. If you are approved for a grant, you should expect to:

  • Communicate with Lang CESJ staff in a timely manner and proactively share updates
  • Complete a reflection assignment (with flexible format, e.g. writing, video-blogging, etc.) with 45 days of project completion
  • Apply to be part of the annual Lang Dean's Honor Symposium in the year following your project (if applicable)
  • Participate in the CESJ Fall or Spring Mixer
For projects taking place on campus and/or which involve space booking or public programming, Lang CESJ requests acknowledgement as a co-sponsor of the project/event.


Mini-Grants are accepted in monthly deadline cycles. Applications are due on the first Friday of every month. In Fall 2019, deadlines are:

- Friday, October 4
- Friday, November 1
- Friday, December 6

Spring 2020 deadlines are:

- Friday, February 6
- Friday, March 6
- Friday, April 3
- Friday, May 1

We encourage students to apply as early as possible to allow room for planning, publicizing, and implementation, and for award disbursement should you be chosen. Students are also encouraged to meet with CESJ staff to review applications.

PLEASE NOTE: Award disbursement may take up to 8 weeks, and is sent via postal mail as a check. We encourage you to consider this as you plan your budget and timing (i.e. immediate payment may not be possible, so take into account that you may receive your award as a reimbursement). If you have concerns about this, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

If you have any questions about CESJ Mini-Grants or this application form, please contact us at

  • There are not any faculty members associated with this program yet