Focus Areas

Racial and Ethnic Justice

Student Groups

  • Black Student Union - A student-led organization committed to advocating and holding space for Black students at The New School University.
  • Sanctuary Working Group - The Sanctuary Working Group (SWG) is a New School collective including TNS DREAM Team, undocumented and international students, allied students, and faculty and staff. SWG is working with faculty, staff and administration across the university to address deficits in creating a sanctuary campus that is safe and can provide adequate resources to members of its community affected by racist and anti-immigrant policies and everyday practices. The SWG also collaborates with similar groups at NYU, Columbia, and CUNY to create and sustain cross-campus coalitions across the city
  • Students of Color (SOC) Weekly Meet-Up - If you identify as a student of color (Black, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander American, Native American, and more), join SOC Meet-Up every week in the Social Justice Hub of the University Center to learn about campus resources and groups (both academic and social), and stay for the laughter, joy, and support as we build community.
  • Somos OLA - Somos OLA provides a platform and a space for students within The New School community to engage in the discussion of current events and challenges in Latin America.
  • Chinese Student and Scholar Association - The Chinese Student and Scholar Association aims to enhance the connection between the Chinese community and The New School. It is dedicated to provide support and resources for Chinese students and scholars and serves as a platform for the interaction of the Chinese community. We promote cultural exchange through organized activities.
  • Cantonese Student Association - The Cantonese Student Association aims to promote Cantonese culture by preserving the language and creating a sense of belonging for students who are Cantonese. This group also provides students an opportunity to further develop their communication, leadership, and organizing skills.
  • Celebrating Color: A Group for Women of Color - Join this group every Thursday, 5:00-6:30PM, starting in February 2018 for a weekly support group. This group allows women of color to share their experiences, in a safe and confidential space. This group is for all TNS undergraduate and graduate students who identify as women and people of color. Common topics include relationships, oppression, what it’s like to be in our bodies, acculturation, self-care, feeling invisible, trauma, identities, and managing stress, sadness, loneliness, frustration, and anxiety. Tea and snacks are served! Meetings take place in Student Health Services building, 3rd Floor, 80 5th Avenue.
  • Students of the African Diaspora (SOAD) - SOAD provides, secures, and creates a space that fosters production and growth, exchange, support, mentorship, activism, critical engagement, and consciousness building/awareness raising among students of the African Diaspora and the New School community at large.

Community engagement

Many organizations in New York City focus on environmental and health justice needs. Some of these organizations have partnered with Lang students and faculty:

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Racial Justice: