Winning the Story: Communications for 21st-Century Social Movements

Winning the Story: Communications for 21st-Century Social Movements


Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017

From: 04:30 to: 06:30

Led by Shanelle Matthews, Activist-in-Residence and former communications director for Black Lives Matter Global Network.

Harmful longstanding narratives have catalyzed a “deficit of empathy” and a lack of deep understanding in this country, distorting perceptions of and interactions with Black people, interpersonally, at the ballot to through the systems to which we are all bound. While people remain entrenched in the corners of these old stories, real, damaging, prejudicial legislation is being implemented, biased and deadly policing continues unchecked, and interpersonal and inter-community violence keeps Black communities and Black folks reeling. Intervening means creating examining strategies for deconstructing old ideas and narratives. Join us for a 120-minute session on what it takes to win the story, the narrative and our lives using 21st-century social justice.

This workshop is affiliated with Lang Civic Engagement & Social Justice's Skill-building for Social Justice series, which partners with social justice organizations and activists across New York City to introduce New School community members to frameworks, methodologies, and practices they can implement in their own lives.