Skill-building for Social Justice: Creative Rituals & Healing

Skill-building for Social Justice: Creative Rituals & Healing


Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2017

From: 06:00 to: 07:30

Join writer, journalist, organizer, arts educator, and healer Chaya Babu for a workshop that invites participants into ritual and art making as forms of skill-building for social justice. Together, we will dream, write, and share as we build personal practices of creation, and ground ourselves in imagining the unthinkable to build movements toward liberation.

Chaya's workshop will awaken our creativity at intersection of language, personal dreams/visions/the subconscious, and healing modalities stemming from traditions that focus on the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Through a range of exercises involving writing, tarot, and shamanic drumming, this workshop is a way to bring together tools that can help us find a space within ourselves from which to fathom a new and different world. As organizers, we put forth a great amount of labor toward the collective and toward action; here we will focus on turning inward and nurturing the self in stillness as a methodology in the process of transformation.

“Revolutionary action, in any future form of organization that it chooses, must yield to the dreamer… A movement will flourish if it has managed to reconcile dream and action, but not only this: in the poetic sphere, or in any domain that does not seek to imitate other movements in their diurnal efficiency, dream itself is action.” -Dolfi Trost

Chaya Babu is a writer, journalist, organizer, arts educator, and healer. Her written work centers largely on the themes of race, gender and sexuality, cities, migration, and systemic and intergenerational trauma.

This workshop is part of Lang Civic Engagement & Social Justice's Skill-building for Social Justice series, which partners with social justice organizations and activists across New York City to introduce New School community members to frameworks, methodologies, and practices they can implement in their own lives.